Final Race Rescheduled for May 31st

The rescheduled date for the final race in the Michal Rejmer Series is now set for Friday, 31st May at 7:30PM from The Country Club Bar.  We look forward to seeing you all there! Please spread the word.

Series prizes and T-shirts will be presented on the night.  Anyone that entered the 3 races online, or completes the 3 races, will get a t-shirt. 

2 Replies to “Final Race Rescheduled for May 31st”

  1. Hi
    can I book on line for 3rd series, on 31st of May. Says closed to application, I understand that and why.
    Can I do it though another way online?

    1. Online entry has re-opened now, Marian, and there’s a special offer available too. See post at the top of the page for details.

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